Olive Oil Sprayer Bottle –Bundled with Oil Brush, Funnel and Cleaning Brush, Stainless Steel Dispenser Glass Cooking Oil Sprayer Spritzer for Vinegar Lemon Juice Avocado Oil Coconut Oil

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OUR BUNDLE INCLUDES AN OIL BRUSH, FUNNEL AND CLEANING BRUSH – Duido’s oil bottle bundle includes an oil sprayer for cooking, funnel, cleaning brush and cooking brush for oil; When you throw out your pam cooking spray, our refillable spray bottle is the last spray bottle for olive oil that you will ever need; Our olive oil dispenser bottle for kitchen and other uses can be filled with any type of oil you wish to spray on cooking surfaces or dressing your food.

MULTIPURPOSE – Ideal for air frying, baking, cooking veggies, meats, omelets, grilling, roasting, sautéing, making popcorn and salads; Our cooking dispenser can go from kitchen to patio or from beach to boat; Take our oil brush cooking oil sprayer to the office or use the cooking oil container as a water mister at the beach or golf course; Our bundle is also the perfect gift as an oil and vinegar dispenser set, oil spray bottle for cooking barbecue or even spray bottle for essential oils.

IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH – Eliminate smelly chemical propellants while controlling the amount of expensive oil used with our oil bottle kitchen dispenser; Duido food safe spray bottle allows you to cook with healthier oils providing a steady fine mist for even coverage; Use our glass oil dispenser as an avocado oil spray, coconut oil spray, olive oil spray or rice bran oil spray; Our oil bottles for olive oil and others can also be seasoned with your favorite spices.

HIGH QUALITY FINE SPRAYER – Duido’s cooking oil spray bottle does NOT clog, dribble, leak, splatter or break; This durable dispenser works as an attractive oil vinegar dispenser or olive oil sprayer at any table; Our olive oil spray bottle has a comfortable grip, it is lightweight and easy to store the oils you use in their own oil spray bottle; Our clear oil jar allows you to keep an oil sprayer for each of your favorite oils.

WARRANTY INFORMATION – We ensure that our pump spray bottle will meet your expectations; If for any reason it does not, you can return it with no questions asked; If you have any issues with our oil dispenser stainless steel and glass spray bottle set, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can ensure you have a positive experience.